Travel Tips

1. Please leave your foot ware outside the temple premises.

2. Don't keep your luggage etc. unattended, rooms unlocked and also don't mix up with some unauthorized persons who may dupe you.

3. Beware of persons of doubtful integrity that may misguide you for their own benefits.

4. To maintain the serenity of the complex please avoid gambling, playing of cards, smoking, chewing bettle leaf, chewing gums or spiting in the premises.

5. Don't disfigure the temple walls or the sign boards displayed around by scratching, fixing of some posters or by drawing unnecessary lining. Please note that this temple never intends for graffiti written by some young wit.

6. Please don't let the Prasad drop down your hands on the ground it is sacrosanct, maintain its sanctity.

7. Be mindful towards the convenience of your fellow pilgrims too, who have come with a devout heart towards the shrine like you, while turning on your transistor / tape recorder etc. it should be put at a low level.

8. Please don't indulge in, indecent activities in the complex or around, that may embarrass the fellow pilgrims, in any manner.

9. In the event of any emergency please contact the temple manager or staff for help, who are there round the clock on duty.

10. This is an ecologically and culturally fragile area. Please treat the land and its people with respect.

11. Don't leave non-biodegradable material like plastic bags, plastic bottles and metal cans etc. behind.

12. Last but not least, enjoy yourself with responsibility.