Other places (includes excursions)

One can make schedule to go outstations for an excursion around Hampi. These are the few Excursions around Hampi


Subsequently Belur witnesses a spawning of Hoysala temples prominent among which is the Chennakeshava temple. The temples of Belur represent the architectural dexterity of the Hoysala craftsmen. Belur has other sacred shrines such as Veeranarayana temple, Kappe Chenniga Raya temple and Saumya Nayaki temple.


Shravanabelagola is a Jain centre and is famous for its Giant monolith statue of Lord Gomteshwara. It is 17 mts in height and is carved out of a single boulder. It is also known as Bahubali and is said to be the tallest monolith statue in the world. During the festival of Mahamastakabhisheka, which is performed once in 12 years, thousands of devotees throng this holy shrine.

Kudala Sangama

The most historic place since 800 years. This is the place where Basaveshwara lived and entered samadhi, Koodala Sangama is today a very well maintained, clean, serene pilgrimage place. Close to the confluence of rivers Krishna and Malaprabha, a Shiva linga is situated. The famous river Krishna and Ghataprabha merge here and flows towards Srisailam (another historic place) of AndraPradesh.


This is a twin-shrined temple with two huge Nandi Mandapas housed outside. Again an abundance of sculptures flood the walls with the Hoysal dynasty symbol carved on both sides. There is an archaeological museum worth visiting in the premises. The Hoysaleshwara and Kedareshwara temples in Halebidu are supreme examples of Hoysala temple architecture.