Hanuman Temple


Hanuman shrine is located just behind the Kodanda Rama Temple on the riverside. Probably this is the second most important shrine dedicated to Hanuman also called Anjaneya in Hampi. It located on top of the Anjeyanadri Hill.


The Yantrodhara Anjaneya Temple contains the image of Hanuman positioned inside an amulet locally called Yantra. If you get a chance to take a closer look, you can see a number of monkeys carved around this amulet like the hour markers in a clock dial. The sitting Hanuman image here is a pleasant deviation from the numerous other images of Hanuman you would find in Hampi. Most of them depict a valor posture of Hanuman with one hand raised, the other fixed on the hip and tail made into an arch. Where as the Yantrodhara Anjaneya is unique with Hanuman appears in a meditative or prayer position.


Just behind the Kodandarama Temple you can spot this shrine on top of the small hillock. The outer walls of it are painted with the white and saffron vertical strips typical of Hindu temples. A short twisty flight of steps ends in front of the temple courtyard. On reaching the courtyard, you can find a number of snake-stones installed around the foot of a large Sacred Fig tree. These carved stones, most of them with serpent themes, are used as icons of snake worship. The narrow door of the shrine gives access to the main hall in front of the inner sanctum.

Hampi is an important place for the worshipers of Hanuman. It is believed the mythical Kishkinda, the monkey kingdom, was located in Hampi. You can see plenty of motifs and carvings of Hanuman all around the Hampi sites. Some of them are brilliantly painted.