Mahanavami Dibba

The Mahanavami platform is popularly known as the throne platform or house of victory and was built in three phases. In the first phase the platform was not magnificent, but definitely imposing and majestic. It was built of well-dressed granite blocks, and decorated with a variety of courtly scenes, festive moods, hunting scenes and rows of animals and birds, carved in relief around the platform, representing the life and times of the people of Vijayanagara.

In the second phase of building activity, a neatly dressed and moulded plinth in two tiers, was constructed over the platform. During the third phase, the western part of the Mahanavami platform was encased with beautifully carved schist blocks.

This massive east-facing platform rises to a height of 12mts and is built in three diminishing tiers. The first tier and the one above measures 40 and 24 square mts.It was the hub of religious ceremonies like Durga puja, Navaratri, Dipavali that were publicly celebrated by the Vijayanagara kings.