Underground Shrine Chamber

Located in the middle of Royal enclosure, this subterranean structure is reached by a flight of steps to the northwest. These steps descend to a narrow corridor provided with engaged columns that surround a central chamber on four sides. Within this chamber are four free-standing columns (bases only preserved) with engaged columns against the walls and at the corners. Throughout, the floor, columns, brackets, walls, and ceilings are of chlorite. Clearly, the columns and brackets belong to the pre-Vijayanagara period, and appear to be clumsily reused (from a dismantled temple?). Column shafts have curved and angled motifs with lotus buds, behind which are recessed vertical bands;

This underground chamber may have func¬tioned as a storeroom or treasury, judging from the narrow (easily guarded) entrance and thick concrete roof (now mostly missing). It is not certain if any other structure was erected over the chamber at an upper level, as there has been much restoration at the surface.