Palace Basements

Palace basement is located in the middle of Dannaik’s enclosure; this north-facing structure was possibly surrounded by a large courtyard (traces of enclosure walls are seen to the south and west).

Typical is the stepped outline of this structure defined by a stone basement (varying on the north). The first floor level at the front (north), now missing its access steps, leads directly to a court. This court is bounded on three sides by platforms (second level) demarcated by basement mouldings, now badly smashed. This second level is reached by steps flanked by yali balustrades in the middle of the south side. Traces of walls are seen to the east and west. A further raised area (third level), reached by a single flight of steps, and demarcated by a basement moulding on the north only, is surrounded by a walkway; here there are projections on three sides. The outlines of a central square area and side rectangular areas are observed in the concrete floor.

Stone column footings with square depressions are found on the periphery of the structure. At ground level, brickwork and plaster may be fragments of the original courtyard floor. At the north ends of the two raised areas flanking the first court are brick piers.