Treasury House in Zanana

This well preserved building in the northwest corner of Zanana enclosure is variously identified as a "hall of exercise" or "guard’s quar¬ters". Its complete masonry construction and lack of openings, other than a small doorway and a series of ventilation holes, however, suggest some sort of storeroom or treasury.

The bays in the middle of the long sides and at the ends are larger; those at the corners are smaller. A small brick infill wall is preserved at the northwest corner. On the outside the plain walls of the building taper inwards slightly. A multilobed arch in two planes is positioned over the pointed arched doorway set within a rectangular recess. Running around the building is a row of small square openings. Above, plaster-covered curved corbels support a horizontal beam, a number of angled rafter like elements decorated on their undersides with plaster snake hoods, and a double-curved eave. The colonnade consists of alter¬native multilobed arches and pointed arches in shallow frames. Secondary pointed arches link the colonnade to the exterior walls. Four bays on the long side employ pointed pendentives with angled tops to create an octagonal drum from which rise shallow domes; all other bays, on square or rectangular plans, have pyramidal vaults.