North Watch Tower

North Watch Tower is positioned in one of the north angles of the enclosure wall of Zanan, this square tower dominates the area, overlooking the approaches to the Royal Center from the north and west. The junction of the enclosure walls with the north and east sides of the tower demonstrate that the walls are later constructions.

The tower has a hollow square shaft at its centre around which a staircase proceeds upwards. Large windows at the lower level, and small windows higher up, look outwards; an occasional window even faces inwards into the shaft. At the upper level a square chamber has arches in the middle of each side leading to raised areas projecting outwards as balconies. Each balcony has three arched openings at the front and an arched opening at either side. In each of the four corners of the central chamber is a small recess with two arched openings.

The plain tapering shaft of the tower is broken only by the multilobed arched entrance on the west and the ascending arched windows and small square openings. At the level of the upper chamber the wall projects outward slightly. The balconies are preserved on the north and south sides, are supported on four multicurved brackets and elaborately decorated with foliate ornamentation. Just beneath the arched tops of the openings are stone brackets. Each opening has plaster bands over the arches with ornamental finials at the apexes. Roundels appear above at either side. The tower is sheltered by an angled eave supported on a beam and muticurved brackets, not all of which are in position. Above are the fragments of a ruined brick superstructure.