South East Watch Tower

This is positioned in the southeast corner of Zanana, this tower overlooks the approaches to the Royal Center from the east and south. Clearly the tower is earlier than the enclosure walls which wrap around its base, blocking several openings.

At the ground level the entrance to the tower is on the northeast, where the original square platform is now hidden within the later and larger extension to the north and west. At the first and second upper levels, the circular staircase is surrounded by an octagonal corridor divided by transverse arches into eight bays. Each bay is lit bay a small window. Those on the south and east being partly blocked by the enclosure walls. At the third and uppermost level the staircase is contained within four columns. The surrounding sixteen-sided space has eight raised areas. Full-height arched windows and smaller projecting windows alternate on the exterior.

Octagonal throughout, the exterior of the tower at the ground level is plain except for the arched doorway leading to the staircase. Five small projections provide the transition to the first upper level, which has slightly tapering walls and small square openings. The second upper level rises above a flat band, and displays on each side pointed arches in two planes. These arches are partly filled in with brickwork. On the southwest, these smaller arched openings are created in the brickwork. The upper most level has eight pointed arched openings positioned across the corners. In the middle of the each side are arched windows in two planes, projected slightly outwards as small balconies. Above are eight separate parapet elements, each consisting of a small rectangular brick construction with an eave like moulding and a capping temple like roof form. The roof of the tower itself is octagonal and has three diminishing and ascending tiers of angled eave like mouldings. The capping roof form is hemispherical with convex flutings; little of the surmounting pinnacle is preserved. Over the staircase the dome is plain and curiosly recessed behind the circular drum.