Octogonal Pavilion

At the center of this octagonal pavilion is a small basin set into the plaster floor in several descending layers, one of which has twelve lobes. The central irregular octagonal chamber has openings in the cardinal directions, with smaller intermediate angled walls pierced by niches. Surrounding this chamber is a passageway created by eight piers between which are arched entrances.

The plain walls of the exterior are pierced on each side by simple pointed arches in two planes. Traces of lobed bands rising from short horizontal mouldings appear above the arches over the four entrances on the cardinal directions. Small brackets support a short angled eave with an ornamental shallow beam on its underside. The short wall above is terminated by a frieze of pointed angled elements.

The octagonal roof above the central chamber is basically pyramidal. Above is a double curved contour and surmounting dome with an upper capping piece. Within the central chamber, pointed, pointed arched openings in two planes are found on four sides. The upper irregular octagon has a frieze of angled elements, pointed multi lobed arches, and a band of interwoven loops forming the drum. Above rises the octagonal pyramidal vault. Pointed arches divide the surrounding passageway into eight bays with alternating octagons and irregular hexagons above, created by angled pendentives. Plain flattish domes rise upon the octagonal drums, one dome has sixteen concave flutings rising from trefoil palmettes converging on a central medallion.