Two pillars and a Group of Mortar


Hampi the City carved in stone’ is an outstanding location of Natural landscape and Archeological remains. Both the works of man and nature have harmoniously blended and it speaks volumes of human endeavour wherein the rugged landscape has been harnessed with utmost dexterity for the betterment of mankind. It is located in the central part of Karnataka, south India.

This location was the obvious choice for the capital of the empire, as it is naturally fortified and protected on all sides; in the north by the mighty Tungabhadra river, and on the other three sides by steep, rocky mountains with massive boulders of granite. The treacherous terrain provided ample defense, and the few areas of access were well defended. The ruins of Hampi lie scattered in an approximately 26 square kilometer area, where the land was also fertile and had an abundant water supply.