Vishnupada Temple

To the right of the Sasivekula Ganesha is a small chamber built over two footprints encircled by a naga that have been carved on sheet-rock. It is commonly referred to as Vishnupada.

This Vijayanagara structure consists of a small east-facing garbhagriha and porch, the latter with two columns with doubled-octagonal sections and shallow beveled brackets. Nagas are also seen on either side of the garbhagriha doorway.

This temple enshrines carvings on the street rock showing footprints surrounded by coiled naga, set in a Pitha. Sloping back-rests are placed here. Plain outer walls carry an angled eave running around the building. Nagas are also seen in the side of the garbhagriha doorway. The temple stands on a rubble-lined terrace, with steps cut into the sheet rock in front.