Group of Jain Temples

Hemakuta, literally meaning gold hillock is one of the most charming hillocks in Hampi. It is dotted by over fifty structures of different types including temples, mandapas, galleries and gateways of various dimensions. Every boulder here tells a story of mythological and folk nature and takes the visitor to an era of religion and romance. Some of the temples of this hill were taken to be Jaina basadis.

Siva and Parvati become closer to the visitor at this hill and it gives a rare experience of unalloyed joy. Actually it is fortified area which has three entrances in east, north and south. It is proved that they are Saiva Temples. In fact all the temples of this area are saivite ones. Some of these temples are built in fourteenth century.

The presence one celled Ekakuta, double celled Dvikuta and three celled Trikuta temples near each other. These Temples though small in attention but the northern type, Shikaras are almost in cluster. The Ekakuta temple has a Garbhagriha, Antarala and a Navaranga. The Navaranga has Kakshasana on the three sides. It is granite temple with Kadamba Nagara sikhara. The twin temple has two Garbhagrihas, two Antaralas and two Navarangas with two entrances. The Shikaras belong to a type called Kalinga Nagara. It was built by Kampilaraya of Kummatadurga. The third temple is a Trikuta and it was also built by Kampilaraya, son of Mummadi Singeya Nayaka. It has three Garbhagrihas in three directions, with a common Navaranga and mandapa. Near by is another Trikuta temple also built by Kampilaraya. All the Garbhagrihas originally had Sivalingas. Thus the Hemakuta hill presents a panoramic view of Saiva architecture of a unique type.