Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple

Beyond the Krishna temple there are two huge stone images of Ganesa on the slope of the Hemakuta hill. One is the Sasivekalu Ganesa, about 2.4 mts high and ironically named the Sasive¬kalu or mustard seed'.

The god is seated in a large and open mandapa with plain rough square pillars. The right hands hold the ankusa and broken tusk, while the upper left holds a looped pasa. The lower left hand and the trunk are broken.

This crudely-built structure is built into a rocky overhang on the south side of Hemakuta hill. A Mandapa of four by three columns, walled in one of the side, leads to a small east-facing sanctuary. The Mandapa columns are featureless, but the ceiling over the central bay has a crudely-etched medallion on rotated squares. A short distance in front stands a single column with double-octagonal sections on the shaft. A nagakal is placed against the base. A cubic block curved with footprints is seen nearby.