This Mandapa occupies the maximum colonnaded street running from the Vitthala Temple complex, almost 1km from the east gopura. The Mandapa consists of four by four columns elevated on Upapitha and adhishthana, the later set back on the other with a four-columned extension to the west. The tower is capped with a circular Griva and hemispherical Shikhara, the latter with ornate ribs and prominent kudus.

The Upapitha shows Padma, Pattika decorated with frieze of buds, gala divided into panels by bands of creeper motif framing friezes of hamsas and the occasional yalis, and petalled Kapota with foliated kudus.

The raised ceiling over the central bay has an ornate, cut-out lotus with pendant bud and upside-down parrots, surrounded by rings of petals and hamsas, and an octagonal band of female dancers. Medallions adorn the triangular sections of the rotated squares beneath.