Two Storied Mantapa

The two-storied, west-facing structure serves as the terminus of the colonnade street running eastward from the principle gopura of the Virupaksha temple complex, almost 735 m to the west.

The lower storey has four by three finely-worked chloritic-schist columns on granite, adhishthana footing blocks. Three columns show double blocks separated by octagonal and thirty-two-sided fluted sections; one column is partly octagonal. Projecting beams at the front carry a sloping eave that runs around the building on four sides. Columns are plain or with central octagonal sections. Projecting beams carry an angled eave on four sides.

The lower elements are circular and disc-like; the upper elements have projecting squares with corner bosses. The horizontal roof slabs are covered with thick concrete. Plaster lines many of the upper columns, brackets and ceiling slabs.