Jain Temple

This Temple consists of small, north-facing Garbhagriha and porch encased by a later colonnade. The Garbhagriha has plain walls capped with a pyramidal Phamsana-styled tower. This comprises a sequence of Kapota cornices with blocked-out kudus and a capping kuta shikhara. A small porch in front has two columns with part-octagonal shafts and double capitals carrying an angled eave. The Garbhagriha doorway is framed by pilasters carrying a Kapota cornice.

The shrine is surrounded by two rows of columns on four sides. The inner row of supports is raised on a tripartite basement, interrupted by blocks with floral designs and squatting lions. Columns have triple blocks of carvings separated by sixteen-sided sections with octagonal bands. Pushpapotika brackets carry beams and horizontal roof slabs that extend up to the original shrine.