Vishnu TempleNo.I


Dedicated to Lord Vishnu Temple I is also know as Rangatha temple. Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, can be seen here resting on the serpent Ananta. This temple is located near the Achyutaraya’s temple in the northern end of Courtesan's street. The shrine was built in rectangular shape with a porch outside it. The sanctum-sanctorum is dimly lit.


The Garbhagriha and Antarala doorways have guardians with Vaishnava emblems beneath angled and petalled shakas and Gajalakshmi blocks on the lintels. A lotus medallion ceiling rotated square rises over the Garbhagriha a similar ceiling is seen over the center bay of the mandapa. Side wall of the antarala are adored with carvings of Vaishnava saints and Adivishnu.


: This temple faces south-west onto the path running from Achyutarayapura to Vitthalapura. A boulder carved with a fine Hanuman image forms the rear wall of the rectangular Garbhagriha. The sanctuary opens into a rectangular Antarala and square Rangamandapa of four by four columns open only on the front. Doorways in the rear walls of the hall give access to a broad Pradakshinapatha surround the Garbhagriha and antarala on three sides, all contained within a walled rectangle.