Inscribed Vishnu Temple

This complex consists of an east-facing temple standing with an enclosure defined by a prakara wall on three sides. The temple comprises a Garbhagriha and Antarala opening into a Mandapa of three by two bays, with a further doorway leading to a Mandapa of three by three bays. A column with a tapering octagonal shaft stands immediately outside the entrance of the temple. A dilapidated basement runs north from the temple to ruined shrine parallel to the west prakara wall of the Vitthala temple complex.

The Antarala doorway has guardians with Vishanava emblems, petalled shakas and threshold, and Gajalakshmi on the lintel. Four central columns in the outer Mandapa are raised on adhishthana footing blocks. Shafts show double blocks separated by polygonal section, with nagabandhas or model temple towers at corners. Two lines of columns run for most of the length along the south prakara wall. A four columned pavilion stands at the western end. A Lotus medallion ceiling is raised on rotated squares. The prakara walls are massively built, with wall surface blocks and shorter tie beams.