Ananthashayana Temple


Ananthasayana is a small village five kilometers away from Hospet on the road to Hampi. During the heydays of Vijayanagara Empire it was a part of Hampi. Ananthasayana is a form of Vishnu in a reclining position. This temple was built by Krishnadevaraya in 1524 A.D.


It consists of Garbhagriha, Antarala and a Rangamandapa. The three sides of the Garbhagriha wall have kirtimukha torana and in one of them is a seated Lakshmi in padmasana. In front of the Garbhagriha is an Antarala which has a Rangamandapa. The doorway has Vaishnava dvarapalas and lotus petal decorations with creeper and Gajalakshmi on the lintel. The ceiling has lotus medallion in the center.


The temple is within a prakara with three gateways on north, sooth and west. The main temple is in middle of this enclosure. The main Garbhagriha is rectangular and has openings to the Antarala in the front. In the front of this is a Rangamandapa with opening to the east and closed on south and north. The exterior wall of the temple consists of various mouldings over which is the wall and has broad eave over which are found niches at regular intervals. The front peripheral columns are of composite type. Some of them have gajayalis (elephant-lion) with open mouth.