Mohammaden Tomb and Darga

The first thing to notice on approaching this area are two cubical structures, one with a domical roof and the other flat roofed. Both house a few tombs of some important members of the Vijayanagara court or it’s military. The whole area looks like an elaborate cemetery reserved for the Muslim elites in the Vijayanagara capital. Dozens of tombs, most of them with long monolithic stone tops, can be seen in this locality now partially covered by thorny shrubs.

A stone paved path bisects the cemetery. The large memorials mentioned are made in the typical Deccani Islamic style. The archeological department has fenced this area and installed a signpost and access gate. This is located south of the village Kadirampura. However the access is much easy if one use a moped or bicycle, as it is located next to the main road that connects this village to the Hospet main road.

If you are visiting this spot from Hampi, take the right fork of the main road that split in front of the Sasivekalu Ganesha statue. After a few kilometers of zigzagging through the agriculture fields and the Kadirampura village, the tomb structures are spotted at your right. On the other hand if you operate from Kamalapura, travel towards Hospet town by the road that edges the huge tank.