Domed Gateway

To the east of the citadel there is Domed Gateway which rises to about 42 feet high. The dome is raised on four arches. In the spandrels traces of plaster decoration are found in bands and roundels. Above is a recess with square holes. The rectangular frames in which the arches are set buttressed at either side; at the base brackets with triple-corbles project outwards. Over the arches is a vertical section with arched windows on the north and south. The corners here are slightly angled. Upon this rises the circular drum of the dome, decorated with a cornice of angled elements. A frieze of merlons marks the beginning of the dome.

On the North entrance there are two sets of brackets once supported lintels, now fallen. On some of the blocks on the bastions, carvings are found: elephant, Hanuman, Ganesha, dancer, fish, etc. A pendant stone in the centre indicates a medallion. Within, pointed arches are positioned between corner pendentives with angled tops. Above are two rings of angled elements, and a frieze of merlons at the base of the drum.