Octagonal Water Pavilion

Starting from Kamalapuram the visitor on his way to Hampi can see a number of monuments along the road. The first object to attract our attention is the octagonal water-pavilion, about 0-4 kilometer from the Queen's bath. It is a large open octagonal Mantapa with large four-centered arches springing from heavy square pillars. Originally the building seems to have had much ornate stucco decoration. The roof has a low octagonal dome. There is a deep octagonal fountain-basin in the centre of the building and to the south of the basin is a massive monolithic trough. The ceiling of the pavilion consists of small domes with lotus-motifs and vaults, alternating. The central ceiling is a large low irregular octagonal dome which perhaps had a very ornate lotus motif originally. Out¬side the pavilion may be seen remnants of earthen water-pipes which were used for supplying water to the building.

An open Octagonal mandapa with large four centered arches sprining from heavy square pillars, the pavilion originally had ornate stucco decoration. In the center is a deep octagonal fountain-basin, and to the south of that is a massive monolithic trough. It is covered by a roof in the shape of a low octagonal dome.