Bhima’s Gateway

This large, well preserve gateway is located in an extension of the fortifications southeast of the Royal Center.

An east-west passageway leading to an east-facing entrance is flanked by raised areas with rubble and earth debris. A recessed passageway on the north of the passageway leads around the gate. To the east, two square bastions are linked to walls on the north, east and south which create a large square enclosure. An additional wall within the enclosure creates a double turn. In the south east corner of the enclosure are the remains of a north-facing, triple santuaried shrine. A narrow bent passageway in the southwest corner leads to the outside. The principle entrance to the enclosure is in the northeast corner. Only earthen mounds to the north and south indicated the presence of fortification walls.


the front elevation of the gateway is one of the most elaborate of the series. High up upon the plan walls, mouldings project outwards over the entrance. These mouldings consist of a cornice with blocked-out kudus, inverted cornice with kudus, vertical cornice, another inverted cornice and curved cornice. The upper two mouldings are reversed on either side of the entrance. Above are beams with brackets of slightly different designs at either side. The surrounding slabs creating the raised ceiling within the entrance are plain.

Two blocks on the enclosure walls east of the entrance are carved with scenes of Bhima fighting Kichaka. A slab set up northeast of the entrance is finely carved with an image of striding warrior (Bhima) another slab depicts a standing female deity holding weapons.

The principal interest here is seen in the corbelled mouldings and brackets within the entrance. Three raised ceiling panels have medallions. The west panel has elaborate lotus ornament. Almost nothing is preserved of the interior of the passageway to the west, except for the tripartite basement.

There are faintly preserved carvings at the doorways depict guardians with Shaiva emblems. The crudely fashioned columns have angled brackets.