Ganigitti Temple

This neat and compact early structure is popularly called the Ganigitti temple or 'the oil-woman's temple'. It is situated on the Kampili road, about 0-8 kilometre from the Travellers' Bungalow at Kamalapuram, and is on the way to Bhima's Gate. It is a Jaina temple facing north and has a Garbhagriha with an Antarala. Ardha-mandapa and a Maha-mandapa with an attached sub-shrine facing east. The pillars are of the early heavy cubical variety. The stone superstructure is a stepped pyramid of six diminishing talas of plain horizontal slabs. The griva is square and the low square Sikhara is domical. A lofty Maha-stambha in front of the portico contains an inscription stating that the temple was built in AD 1385 by Iruga the minister of Bukka II, in the reign of Harihara II and that it was known as the chaityalaya of Kunthu Jinanitha.